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July 28 2014, 11am ...12 hours ago


some of yall don’t seem to understand that like….when people of colour, trans people, genderqueer people, non-straight people, handicapped people and women make it big in a field or hell even get into that field it’s more of an achievement than their white cis straight able bodied male counterparts because these people have managed to overcome a system that is built to stop them from achieving anything. They broke through more obstacles and dealt with so many more struggles than their counterparts. So yeah we are going to give them the praise they deserve and THEN some more on top of that because they’ve earned it.

July 28 2014, 11am ...13 hours ago

Like once I get Amy to the point where she can do scenarios and the like, I am probably going to do a werewolf plot with her in Transylvania since she haaaaaaaates werewolves due to her time in Meka Industries and also that one time she nearly got turned

July 28 2014, 11am ...13 hours ago

Also Amy’s going to be looking to join the council of venice soon.

Mostly because she’s pissed off at all the factions and recently became best bros with Thom