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September 16 2014, 11pm ...6 hours ago



when ur iphone charger starts wearing a turtleneck u know the end is coming


August 29 2014, 9pm ...2 weeks ago


honestly my dad is such a freak he never says goodnight like a normal person he just says “i’ll be back” and he goes upstairs and when you ask where he is or go looking for him hes asleep and the next morning when you see him he just says “good morning im back’ like what is wrong with him

August 29 2014, 12am ...2 weeks ago

calekalbion replied to your post: fun fact: Amy hates Pompeii because s…

I thought this was about Doctor Who, got too much of that on the brain

XD Amy the changeling is now the Girl Who Waited.

this is now canon.

August 29 2014, 12am ...2 weeks ago

fun fact:

Amy hates Pompeii because she despises its message as a person who naturally wants to fight against the status quo and “happiness in slavery”

she actually had an argument with people over it cuz she’s a “message over substance” type gal